The assessment of rapid palatal expansion using a remote monitoring software

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      Dental Monitoring (DM) is a software system that allows orthodontists to remotely monitor a patient's treatment. This study evaluated the accuracy of DM software in assessing the achievement of treatment goals in patients undergoing rapid palatal expansion treatment and patient acceptance of DM.


      Consecutively treated patients undergoing rapid palatal expansion were invited to participate. Participants were trained to capture intraoral photos/videos using the DM app. Maxillary intermolar width (mm) and posterior crossbite correction measured by DM were compared with digital models and intraoral measurements. Patient acceptance of the DM app was evaluated with a survey.


      Of the 30 patients enrolled, 20 patients completed the study. DM accurately assessed the correction of posterior crossbite. There was no significant difference in intermolar width measurements obtained with DM, digital model, or intraoral examination. Overall, 71% of the participants found the DM app “easy” to work with and 43% of the patients preferred DM over a clinical visit.


      In-person evaluation of maxillary expansion with a Hyrax expander can be replaced with remote monitoring using the DM software, yet challenges associated with digital imaging hinder the use of this remote evaluation for some patients.


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